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Oct 23,  · clone wars ; starlet wars ; Character; aayla secura ; twi'lek ; Artist; raedainfossa 78; General; bootie ; arched over ; big donk ; blue bod ; blue skin ; breasts ; feet ; female ; female only ; leaning forward ; lekku ; nude ; nude female ; solo ; solo. Oct Eighteen,  · starlet wars ; starlet wars squadrons 25; Character; hera syndulla ; twi'lek ; Artist; skeletron27 ; General; alien ; alien chick ; areolae ; arm up ; black background ; blaster ; breasts ; eyebrows ; fingers ; goggles ; goggles on forehead ; green eyes ; green skin ; mitt. Twi’lek females were well known for their graceful lekku, the two tentacle-like protrusions emerging from their goes. Shiri’s were particularly fulsome and sleek and purple-complexioned, traits considered desirable, and normally she would slide on her head cover as simply as a pair of cut-offs - .

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