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Jan 03,  · For Selena, her underarms, in all their hairy glory, were plastered all over gossip websites as soon as this photo was taken. The singer and actress was promoting her movie Spring Breakers, and when she stopped to take a photograph with her fan, she exposed a bit of stubble in her armpits. Sep 23,  · Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels talk about Justin Bieber Dec 6, Dec Three, Lets clear up the entire Justin nude pictures TMZ posted earlier today. Aug 12, Aug 12, More Spring Breakers Reviews Apr Two, Sep 03,  · ‘Spring Breakers’ Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson Sexy - Spring Breakers () In the very first scene, we can see the two ladies observe a movie on a laptop screen; as Ashley Benson sits on a bed next to Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley is wearing a see-through pink hooter-sling with her nips exposed and Vanessa wearing a pink swimsuit.

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