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Savage Streets nude scene reviews - sp17 Sep 28, | 0. There are lot of uncredited women in the Savage Streets shower scene, but I made a separate page for this one since she's the primary concentrate for the very first 20 seconds of the scene. Savage Streets Linnea Quigley. Linnea Quigley lounging naked on her b ack on the floor of a bathroom with her naked breasts in view. We then see a fellow on top of her having hookup with her until he runs away, and we see full-frontal bareness from Linna while on her back on the tile floor. Review. Linda Blair gets us all wishful as she dons a skintight leather pantsuit in Savage Streets (), the femme version of Death Wish (). A gang of local punks make the mistake of messing with Blair’s sweet sister Linnea Quigley, and Blair--freshly toughened up from her work in Chained Warmth ()--gets out a crossbow and starts handing out some street justice.

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