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Jul 20,  · That means they have a difference of Two, providing you a B cup and a general hooter-sling size of 32B. In a nutshell, a B cup means that your breasts jut out two inches from your chest area. That’s not particularly big or distracting, making B cup a smaller size in the brassiere size spectrum. Many people think that a B cup is average and medium-sized. RATE MY WARNING - THIS SITE CONTAINS ADULT MATERIALS You need to be at least Legitimate or 21 years old to enter! The largest and most advanced Rate my Orb, breast, fake hooters, implants, just the best damn rating site on the internet EVER! Eventually, subtract your band size from your bust measurement. The difference determines your cup size. For example, if your band size was 36 and your bust was 38, the difference is Two inches, so your brassiere size would be 36B. Go after this guide to find the difference and your cup size: 0 inches = AA cup. 1 inch = A; Two inches = B; Trio inches = C; Four.

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