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The lunar maria (/ ˈ m ɑːr i ə /; singular: mare / ˈ m ɑːr eɪ /) are large, dark, basaltic plains on Earth's Moon, formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. They were dubbed maria, Latin for 'seas', by early astronomers who mistook them for actual seas. They are less reflective than the "highlands" as a result of their iron-rich composition, and hence show up dark to the naked eye. Sep 28,  · The moon's surface shows slew of evidence of asteroids, lightly seen with a telescope during most moon in the solar system's history, all . Fizzy Moon Brewhouse & Grill is a warm and casual Bar located in the centre of Leamington Spa. Since , our aim has been to produce drinks through a painstaking, time-consuming process, using only the finest ingredients to yield the most delicious and unique flavor profiles available.

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