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Jul 12,  · The Golden Ratio is also found in geometry, appearing in basic constructions of an equilateral triangle, square and pentagon placed inwards a circle, as well as in more sophisticated three-dimensional solids such as dodecahedrons, icosahedrons and “Bucky balls,” which were named for Buckminster Fuller and are the basis for the shapes of both. Gary Ballance (born 22 November ) is a Zimbabwean-born-British is a left-handed batsman and a gam break bowler, who presently plays for Yorkshire County Cricket Club and England. He was born in Harare, Zimbabwe.. Ballance very first played in the 2nd XI Championship in , having made five appearances for Zimbabwe in the Under World Cup, in which the team finished in. Oct 15,  · By Gary Connaughton. From my point of view, the Golden Ball has only one name: Cristiano Ronaldo. Champions League coverage on sponsored by LiveScore.

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