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Thanks. My friend says erections are a sensitive thing on "family" naturist beaches. Not that there were no families in the village, fairly the contrary, but I feel too that the entire atmosphere is different from the very first beach, where it's only clothing optional, with a restaurant on the beach and so on. Penis Girth at Naturist Resorts and Naturist Beaches. In regards to flaccid penis thickness, the same NCBI explore gave an average penis girth of ”. Once again there was a broad range of thicknesses but they seemed to be above the average. The largest girth that we . One of my friends said to me that if he sees other guys with erections, that is an indication to him that it is OK to have an erection and he stops whatever mental preventative measures he's taking. As for me, I am flattered if a stud has an erection at the nude beach - especially if he .

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