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 · Skelly is a skeleton clown from the world of Chrono Cross. Skelly is a noisy and hot-tempered walking skeleton. He is prone to shouting and can get angry very lightly. Once he is angry, he will attack the object that enrages him beforehand. Being cunning with a clownish exterior, he can lightly trick someone (especially kids) by pretending to be a jovial clown. With a bod made of only solid. Skelly rolls over the enemy using a beach ball. To find "OnARoll": Talk to the barkeeper in Termina (Home) once you get Serge back. Skelly was a clown in the circus until he was killed by a pervert accident and his bones were scattered around the world by various coincidences. As . Chrono Cross - Finding Skelly. The following is the list of locations where you can find Skelly's bones. When you find the skull, take it to Another Termina, to the house at the top-right of the very first screen. Skelly will recall who he is when you talk to the grandmother.

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