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Bolo The Entertainer Height

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Feb 22,  · BOLO The Entertainer, in his athletic and exceptionally athletic physique, stands 5′ 11″ tall in height and a lately reported weight of less than kg. Tall, dark, and gorgeous, BOLO a entire map of tattoo carved on his chest and arms. He emerges to mostly sport a classic goatee-styled beard and a buzz-cut hairstyle. Jan 03,  · Michael Bolwaire (Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire) also known as Bolo the Entertainer is an American actor, model, and entertainer. He is known for the movie Chocolate City, Chocolate City 2: Vegas, the reality series, Vivica’s Black Magic, Ms. Lolita Snipe’s hit stageplay, and The Late Late Display with James Corden (), according to his IMDB Estimated Reading Time: Two mins. BOLO The Entertainer’s Height, Weight. BOLO is an abbreviation for “B The Entertainer stands 5′ 11′′ tall and weighs less than kg, owing to his nicely-shaped and exceptionally athletic physique. BOLO is tall, dark, and spectacular, with a tattoo map carved on his chest and arms.

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