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12/14/ British Actress: Crimson Fox, Evil Under The Sun. Jane_daniels. Actress: Midnight Temptations Two. Jane_dollinger. Author And Model Jane_fleming. Jane_fonda. 12/21/37 Actress: Stanley & Iris, Rollover. Jane_gurnett. Michael Seely pays tribute to the influence Jacqueline Pearce made as the iconic Supreme Commander, Servalan. Very first I was frightened by the monsters of Doctor Who, then by the angry adults who bullied children in the Sunday classics or in the classrooms of Grange Hill, and then came along Servalan, someone fairly was no one else like this on television. Jacqueline Pearce (20 December – Three September ) was a British film and television actress. She was best known for her portrayal of the principal villain Servalan in the British science fiction TV series Blake's 7 (–), a spectacle which her obituarist in The Times wrote produced "a sexual awakening for a generation of sci-fi fans." Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

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