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Oct 07,  · The main difference inbetween the two is, of course, the mirror. A DSLR has a mirror within its assets to reflect the pic to an optical viewfinder. A mirrorless camera, on the other forearm, uses an electronic viewfinder. The photo passes straight to the sensor without the need for a flip-up youtubetomp3.zoneted Reading Time: 7 mins. Oct 26,  · DSLR's use a mirror in the bod to reflect the photo up into the viewfinder. The instant you take a picture, the mirror shifts up and out of the way. Mirrorless cameras have no mirror. The pic passes straight through to the sensor at the back of the camera which passes a live 'feed' to an electronic youtubetomp3.zoneted Reading Time: Ten mins. Jul 29,  · Winner: DSLR DSLRs still suggest access to a broader range of lenses, but the gap inbetween the two types is narrowing quickly as more mirrorless Author: Sean Captain.

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