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Apr 12,  · The job of a police officer is to protect and serve, but that’s not always how it goes. Many police officers work hard for the good of the public, but some use their power to act as sadomasochistic hellions behaving cruelly and without justice in mind.. Today, we will talk about the sadomasochists, the hellions, and the killers with badges and the authority to do whatever they want to you. ⭕ list Popular Posts. Tags. 11yo (17) 12yo (41) 13yo (7) Adriana C (33) Alex (4) Anna C (13) Ariadna (7) Arina (13) Art Modeling Studios (28) asian (10) Aya (6) Bianka (6) Bianka Model (6) Candydoll (13) Cherish (7) Christina (6) Style Land (16) Hana (9) hebe (86) Isabella B (13) jailbait (86) Jenny (8) JennysHome (6) Karina (2) Kayley (12) Lee (3) Liliana (6) Liliana Model (6) Lora (3. Oct 08,  · Ex-Nazi camp guard tells German court he is harmless, insists he ‘knows nothing’ Josef Schuetz, , says he did ‘absolutely nothing’ when accused of ‘knowingly and willingly.

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