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The naked owners are entitled to the ownership of the property when the usufruct completes. During the duration of the usufruct the naked owners may not interfere with the usufructuary’s peaceful possession and use of the property subject to usufruct. Continuing the example of a usufruct of a home, at the termination of the usufruct the naked owners become the utter owners of the home. If the usufruct is . The person who has the right and enjoyment of a usufruct is known as a "usufructuary." The naked proprietor still wields the property, but someone else has the right to use the property under whatever terms usufruct provides. The usufructuary must also take good care of the property involved. The person who possesses the property is known as a naked proprietor (equivalent to a remainderman in a common law state). Usufructs often arise under Louisiana intestate law dealing with community property.

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