Warm K- bass Model Hook-up Scene

K- bass Model

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Bass Guitar; There are certain tones that stand out in musical history. In rock, in blues and all kinds of music. The Redcoat series captures some of the most well-known amp tones ever recorded and revered for decades. Ranging from taut and bright to growling grit, there’s a Redcoat model that’ll bring classic sounds alive for today’s. Model. (1) (1) The bass guitar is still a showpiece of how fresh technologies find their way into instrument design. Every year, there’s some fresh idea, some clever twist on a previous concept that finds its way into the world of basses, and you’ll always find it here, at Musician’s Friend. The USA-made California U•BASS® Series is the ultimate evolution in solid figure U•BASS design. These basses are handmade in California using the finest forest and custom-made parts, including the Kala + L.R. Baggs preamp that supplies a massive low end and versatility. This .

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