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Amazing! I've always loved Jenny Clements' Mias & Elle, and reading it in graphic novel form is absolutely delightful. A excellent read, whether you're a long-time fan or fresh to the story. Can't wait for the 2nd book to be released!/5(25). Mias and Elle is a Supernatural, Tudor-ific, comedy-drama, and love letter to the old customs and folklore of a Britain left behind. Get the pages early and help get. Mias and Elle Fan Art: Bell-Boy Redraw EillaThePortalMaker Trio 0 Mias and Elle Fan Art: Bell-Boy EillaThePortalMaker 8 Two Raumelius Dormaeus Rainbowtalby Three 0 Inktober - Just a bell Ryhalla 6 0 Arden TheDaedricQueen 6 Trio I speak for the trees Frizz-of-Fury 64 Trio.

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